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. the function of tsa is to ensure that people can board planes safely, take flights safely, the responsibility for protecting airport security is not a tsa function but something we need to examine given what happened in los angeles. would you say there is a sort of anger at the government that was behind this? >> that is one thing we have to determine is part of the investigation. there have been some plumber larry things we have learned. -- there have been some pulmonary things we have learned. we have to get a full picture of the manning custody of understand what his motive might have been. it certainly does not justify the killing of a brave tsa injured or others who were injured. no feelings of the government could possibly justify these kinds of actions. you are scheduled to go to trial interior weeks over the the merger of american airlines and united. this andyou settle what are the expectations? >> this is a matter that we touched upon with airlines we have sued an express concerns about the potential reduction in competition that a merger would potentially impose. i'm not going in
they took the files and he reresponded, they needed to run them by t.s.a. to make sure it was, quote, legitimate for her to have them. i'm sorry, legitimate for a reporter to have her own hand-written notes? what kind of country are we living in that busts into somebody's home at 4:30 in the orning to take her notes at rding whistleblowers homeland security? we're living in a scary time. but back to the article. quote, this guy basically came in here, took my unanimous sources and turned them over -- took my whistleblowers, turned them over to the agency they were blowing the whistle on, unquote, hudson said, and these guys still worked there, quoint. -- unquote. hudson said, none of the documents were classified, no laws were broken in obtaining them, she is talking about her or dane -- her obtaining them. she said the government papers in her possession were obtained through a freedom of information act request and assertion the coast guard confirmed. how did they confirm it? they handled the material over to the, quote, source agency, unquote, for review or as hudson put it, they
a tsa transportation authority employee and three people. that report from the associated press. also, the american bar association held it national security conference. part of that discussion was focused on organized crime and how billions of dollars have been made trafficking in marijuana. here is a look. >> the problem has been created that organized crime particularly and latin american entries have made billions of dollars trafficking marijuana and other contraband, drugs and other contraband materials. i do not know how successful we would be and i would agree about the success that might or might not happen from legalizing marijuana. the example i would use is when alcohol was illegal in the united states, you did not have luckless and no stretch involved in any great way. they did -- you did not have la nostra involved in any great way. prohibition, it creates the out the bone and lucky luciana and others hitting involved in the importation of illegal alcohol and the speakeasies and the network to consume it. it when prohibition is eliminated, too late to nostra.e la cosa the
did not learn from the tsa conference and that is most of the time it was spent as apparently it was here on training and i must say immediate training. now of course, if you have a government agency in uber overburden and you are a senior official, they may designate someone else or hire someone else. they have designated a conference certifying official and he has all kinds of duties. mr. griffin, this is to other conference certifying responsible for the after action review, seen special training. that's not a new higher, if it? days farrisee, that's not a new higher? >> no, it is not a new higher. >> mhs suggests that as important as the training is, and i appreciate your indulgence , it is difficult to understand how somebody who has the agency's mandate now with this extra backlog in addition to whatever backlog you may have had, it's going to be very difficult to do what is the essential function of the agency and pay a lot of attention as you may require given what has been discovered. the conference in the agency has got to look very carefully at what i would normally
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)